How to spot an expired product

Even if your products are still within their expiry dates does not necessarily mean they’re still good to use.

This goes for all personal care products, makeup, skincare and even your everyday toothpaste.

Look out for these 3 things whenever you use your products just in case:

  1. Changes in texture
  2. Changes in smell
  3. Changes in colour


A change in texture can appear in a lot of different ways, the consistency might become stickier, stiffer or even more watery. Sometimes the ingredients may separate naturally and it could be a quick fix of just shaking it up but that isn’t always the case.

A lot of things can cause a change in texture but usually it is caused by the conditions the product is kept in, always be sure to follow the storage suggestions to prolong shelf life. A change in texture could mean a break down in the chemical structure, so unless you’re expecting the texture to change always be mindful of how the product feels.


This can be a difficult one if your products have added fragrance but if your products start to smell not how they used to then it might be time to buy a replacement. It can be hard to notice slight changes but if one day you open your products and they didn’t smell quite right then it is always worth looking into before applying just to be on the safe side.


There are a few ingredients that denature with sunlight and a big indication of this can be a change in colour.

This can be obvious with some things like creams that have an obvious colour but products that are clear like some serums and gels can be hard to notice slight changes. Especially if you have a clear serum in a dropper, sometimes it can help to place it against a white background to see what colour it truly is.

These are the 3 main things to look out for whenever you use your products, if you notice any then you should maybe consider cleaning out the products to avoid any potential skin damages. Always apply your products consciously, looking out for these signs. It can seem like a chore at first but it can be a really soothing process when you get in the routine of things.